Sunday, April 22, 2012

Every Cloud has a Silver lining...

So here I am,

28 years old (technically am 29 this october but theres no need to rush it LOL) and finally ready to leave my employer of five years, I'm excited and nervous. It has been (mostly) good five years since I joined this bank, I am now ready to step out of the comfort zone and face new challenges, I kinda feel like when I found out I was going to be a mother and I had no clue what lay ahead but God has been good to me, there isn't a fire he hasn't seen me through and I am ever thankful. So friday was my last official day as an employee at my current company and I wanted to dress up for it one last time in sad but chic colours. 

I'm wearing: White Pioneer T-shirt, Thrifted Silver grey blazer, no brand satin black pants via Camaro boutique
Identity rings and Valmeline Clutch (looks like Coach yeah? I have had this clutch since college)

Asos grey/silver satin platform heels from Viatuzi

Black bejewelled flower necklace from Maya Vintage - Shoppers Plaza

Salama a.k.a Mrs. Banjoko and Bahati a.k.a Mama Michael took me out to lunch at Epid'or on my last day at work, I am trully going to miss these ladies, They are my friends, my sounding board, confidants, diet buddies, photographers and everything in between, will miss you guys :=( but yeey for BBM, girls night's out and play dates.

The food here is always soo good, and no matter what else we eat we always have the shish tawouk yuuuumy!!

That's all folks, am off to a new place so I probably won't be doing outfit posts on the daily but will try my best, I also took my sh!tty camera back to game they say I can have it back in 20 days or so or get a new one so in the mean time be content with the blackberry ones.

May God bless us all!



Thursday, April 19, 2012

At the end of the Rainbow...


This outfit has to be the fastest outfit I ever constructed, I was running late (AGAIN!!) had no idea what I was going to wear, all my clothes are now in giant piles all over my room so it's impossible to look for anything. To top it all I woke up too early not because I wanted to, but because there was a huge rat in my sitting room urghhh!! I hate rats, am terrified of rats, so I just couldn't sleep anymore, I kept opening the door and peeking to see if it's gone but no luck this ugly black thing kept running around the place...It's time we get a cat, we need one otherwise I will loose my mind. So anyways back to the outfit It all started with the skirt, then I saw the top, then by chance I saw the scarf lying on the floor left there by my adorable daughter (it's her favourite!) she was in a good mood so she let me have it without crying her head off, though I had to bribe her with my old uniform scarf.

I usually wear smaller studs when wearing a statement necklace but lately I am going for more is more look (exces-sorizing) and am loving it. The earrings are ethnic ~ made locally from coloured straw, necklace ~ bought in China and Harve Bernard silk scarf ~ Thrifted

The belt is actually coral red but it came out orang-ey in the pictures

Topshop white top, caramel skirt ~ thrifted, Black waist coat ~ Thrifted, Beige internacionale pumps ~ viatuzi, Michael kors watch ~ ioffer 

Hope the colours brighten up your day as they did mine,

All pictures thanks to Judith the cleaning lady who is now becoming my photog when everyone is too busy to come with me to the roof :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Black and Yellow...

Hi everyone!!

what's your go-to clothing item when running late or when you are feeling lazy? for most people it's jeans for me it's dresses. When wearing a dress to the office especially a full one with a low neckline like this, and has a vibrant colour such as this one, a blazer is a must! it pulls the whole look together and since the neckline is very low showing a hint of cleavage, I added a statement necklace to draw attention away from the "girls" LOL. I really love this mustard yellow colour, it complements my complexion. I also brought out my brocade BCBG shoes that I had forgotten about but that to re-organising we are re-united, They are so cute these shoes and I got them for TZS 3,500/= only!! Can you believe it? #Thrifterparadise

I'm wearing: Mustard yellow Barkins dress ~ Thrifted, Chloe black blazer, Black bow belt, Black and gold necklace, black buckle earring ~ all from China, Black leather purse with chain strap ~Thrifted, BCBG Girl brocade with yellow satin ribbon bow tie heels ~ Thrifted

My face looks so weird here LOL...

Hope you like it guys, let me know! don't forget to follow me on twitter!!



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

you Jane...

Hello darlings,

Last Saturday I went to a wedding reception of a good friend Irene (now Mrs. Manyi) at Quality centre Mall. It was a beautiful reception, small and intimate filled with friends and family, very on point and on time as well! unfortunately I didn't go with my camera because am extremely shy about walking around taking pictures and especially in six inch new heels so I kept worrying that I would fall off and embarrass my self! hopefully when she gets back from the honeymoon she will share some of the pics. Anyways this is what I wore...kept it very simple and basic which is so unusual of me that I kept wanting to add something on and had to restrain myself. My mom saw me and said the dress is too short (really mama I have seen your old pictures haha) and my youngest brother said my dress looks like Tarzan's outfit from the cartoon (hence the tittle LOL)

I bought this dress in china, its supposed to come with a belt but the sales lady forgot to put it in the package and I only noticed it was missing when we were already back in Dar :( its very soft and airy and yes not sure what this colour is Grey?Silver? Ombre?

Ring from Viatuzi, faux pearl studs from a random street machinga.

Rhinestone bracelet from viatuzi and vintage Italian made leather clutch - thrifted from Karume

Glitter platform heels from ebay, I ordered these especially for this dress.

Wishing the newly wed a "happily ever after"...God bless!!



Monday, April 16, 2012

In Mint Condition...

Hello Darling readers who-ever you are,

I appreciate the traffic even tho' you don't leave comments (I wish you would), at least I know am not just rambling to myself here like some crazy lady LOL.

Wearing my necklace backwards for a little back drama ;)

I'm wearing: thrifted mint blouse from JAMSA, white skinny jeans from China, Internacionale nude/beige heels from Viatuzi, gold handbag thrifted from Karume, my gold leaf two-finger ring, gold hairband and long back necklace are from viatuzi, am also wearing my mint waist belt as a bracelet, a Michael Kors via ioffer watch and multi coloured bow earrings from China.

I'm currently really loving the pastel colours  trend, it's just so romantic, soft and girly. This Top is a most treasured JAMSA find (btw she has new stock now), I loooooove the big girly bow on the front, wore it with my white loose skinny jeans and nude pumps.

A friend of mine (mama Michael) has been on my case about my pictures being at the same spots everyday and that I should change it up, so last Friday I was feeling adventurous and I managed to convince my boyfriend (ever loving and ever so patient with me haha<3) to take my pictures on the road (not the main road), as in I was literally standing in the middle of the road when these were taken ha! too bad the weather was gloomy and without sunlight my shitty camera takes ghostly pictures like these. These were taken by oysterbay primary school, we just parked by the road and started shooting, I figured uzunguni people don't stare right? LOL... I was right #bloggercrazies

Happy Monday Guys.



Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Luck of the Irish...

Hey Dolls,

How has your weekend been? This was my outfit for Thursday last week.  Do you remember this dress? I wore it's orange striped sister on this  "post" as a top tucked inside a black pencil skirt. On this outfit I just added a very old jacket I bought while in college that I had completely forgotten about, and I finally got to carry this satchel handbag I ordered via a friend from primark, I really love the green and brown together.

I'm wearing: Green striped dress and Belt from China, thrifted jacket, Tan Dorothy Perkins pumps from viatuzi, Green Primark Satchel via sassy and classy BBM group, Juicy couture brooch and gold choker from uhindini Kisutu

Thanks Mrs. Banjoko for the pictures and for your patience, I will truly miss you *sob *sob