Friday, March 9, 2012

Office chic...

Hi y'all,

So this is what I wore to work on monday this week, I always like to start the week a little formal. I dont like suits really I feel they are waaay to formal, stiff and so uptight which is why I always cuff my sleeves when I have to wear wine. Remember I told you that we are now required to wear uniforms? Well mine dont fit me anymore, I wear two different on top to bottom and usually prefer buying suits when I have to from shops that separates the bottoms and the tops though more expensive it's a better option for girls like me who are much smaller on the top and extra large on the bottom.

So let me tell you a little story about this "suit", this was actually a long day coat that I found while thrifting in Karume, btw when I say thrifting I mean "kusagura" as in second hand but my blogger friends  prefer thrifting and I like it better too. so there I was thrifting and I see this long coat thing and it was love at first sight because I just love coats really and I started wishing I was back in Arusha again where I can get to wear coats and layers.I took it for a rainy day and forgot about it. then last year while sorting my clothes I saw it and I almost gave it away but then I started thinking theres a lot of fabric here and its kinda like soft woolish but not heavy, so what if I cut it up? The top will make a cute jacket especially with those tie belts, but after I did I saw theat the remaining half was also big enough and long enough for a skirt but if it were to be parterned into a skirt it wouldnt have been enough so I came up with the wrap skirt idea for the bottom half and all it took was two buttons and a tailor to do the hems and voila!!! a suit!! I love it when a project comes together. what do you think?

And before I forget, I just have to shout that I looooooove my new ZARA Tote OMG!!! cant believe it's finally here and I own it. I will be carrying it everyday and everywhere so don't get tired of seeing it LOL. I first saw this bag on another blogger and I was like wow, then another friend posted a picture of the Tan limited edition version of it and I knew I had to have it, It's so beautiful in person so big my whole life can fit in it, it's pure leather and I absolutely don't regret getting it in black instead of Tan it's just perfect for work and goes with everything!

I'm wearing: KIRARA thrifted coat turned suit, H&M stipped tank top, Black suede peeptoe heels bought in China.

I'm really loving the huge statement necklaces trend they just add instant glam to an other wise boring outfit, this one is from Viatuzi I threw out the tag dont remember the brand.

The Shades are ALDO bought at a tiny little hidden boutique in Seacliff village, I don't remember the name, its behing the ATM, they have cute but pricey stuff.

 I love heels but I never spend the whole day in them, I usually change into flats at work, I used to have this really old sandals under my desk but after I became a mom I find my self wearing flats and sandals more and more so I have been adding some cute ones on my collection like these New Look animal print ones that I got from Viatuzi, I have been wearing them with everything now to break them in I swear flats hurt me more than heels do :(, but they add some drama to the look and crashes with my striped tank for that print on print effect. 

Was trying to twill in my wrap skirt
Zara S/S 2012 Tote, New Look animal print pony hair Loafers

Hope you liked it, tell me what you think of it in the comment section.

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Anonymous said...

Love the suit, that was a pretty great idea to make it. And the Zara bag is just a dream, i surely need to get myself one too...Thanks for the inspiration.

flo in Germany