Monday, March 12, 2012

Feeling like Spring

Hello Dolls,

This is what I wore to work last week, when my mom saw me she went like hmm that looks a bit crazy those colours do not relate at all! and I tried to explain to her the concept of colour blocking with no success LOL! To her credit the colours are a bit much for work but like I said I was having a rough week and I needed cheering up.

This has to be my favourite blouse, the photo doesn't do the colour justice, it's like the insides of the ripest watermellon and the buttons are the seeds. Got this from a secondhand shop in Sinza last year. I was just going to simply wear it with black everything and then I thought hmm...that's boring bloggers are always dramatic. So I added the turquoise necklace and bracelet, felt that was boring too, I added the colourful multicoloured necklace to balance out the colours and I liked it!! 

I'm wearing: watermelon blouse (Thrifted), Black pleated skirt (Thrifted), Black tights (Viatuzi), torquoise necklace and bracelet (Viatuzi), multicoloured necklace(Gifted Thanks A'sha T!)


I wore tights with this to keep it all dark below, which I feel makes the colour pop some more. I love wearing tights, people say its too hot for tights in Dar and yes I would totally agree if you were wearing them to go shop or run errands in the sun at Karume or Kkoo, but when you work in a freezing A/C'd building such as mine they are just the right thing to keep you from freezing, and for me they add more cover when my skirts are short.

Walking towards the sunset, love this picture!! thanks Salama. Hope you like the outfit leave a comment.




Anonymous said...

looking goooood..

Anitha said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

i think the coral and turquoise look absolutely stunning together.. i think you did a great job with the outfit.. i love it!