Monday, March 19, 2012

Earning Stripes...

Hey Gowjas people,

Hope you had a fab weekend and got plenty of rest, I'm still catching up on my sleep, I recently started watching the Secret Circle series about some witchy high-schoolers (really corny)and I just can't stop, it's not helping that since am such a chicken I have a hard time falling asleep afterwards.

On to the outfit, this is what I wore to work on wednesday last week.

The tank top is actually a tank dress, but here am wearing it as a top, I added the matching tangarine belt with the gold hardware as my statement piece for the outfit and kept the rest very basic, I also wore the long cardigan for more cover at the office. This Cardigan is my absolute favourite, I dnt think a week passes by without me wearing it so you are goig to see a whole lot of it before it falls apart on me. I like playing around with my clothes and to wear them in different ways, it's more fun that way and you get to expand your closet without additional clothes which is good for me coz am a shoe-holic but am very lazy when it comes to shopping for clothes and also very stingy about it too. So have fun with your clothes ladies, play around with them try different stylings and look fab doing it.

no brand long cardigan and striped dress worn as a top and orange/tangarine belt both bought in china, Remember Me black pencil skirt thrifted at Manyanyas, Cathy Jean black patent pumps from Viatuzi, ZARA tote handbag.

wearing my favourite faux pearl drop earrings bought in china, faux pearl bracelets from Viatuz and Montine Mens Watch bought Emirates Duty Free

look weird huh!? was doing macho ya wizi here LOL...

All picture by Salama...Thanks Mrs. Banjoko!!




chicangel203 said...

you look, really cool dear, the orange colour plus stripes really look amazing on u

Anitha said...

thanx dear..