Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flower Power...

Hey there,

One of my friends Jamila has decided to start a thrift/mitumba store called Jamsa along kinondoni Road and as you know am all for a good mitumba place and since it's a friend's that means good bargains! So I went to check it out last week and came out with some super cute stuff, wish I could do a haul video. This dress is one of the dresses I got from her shop and I love's so sweet and girly, a baby doll dress.

My camera was acting up so I took these with my phone, not too bad! Floral dresses will never go out of fashion in my opinion, they are classic so you will never go wrong investing in one if TZS 10,000/- can be called an investment. I see myself having this dress for a long time to come. wore a vest inside to cover my cleavage and wore my mint coloured accessories to play up the leaves on the dress and wore my red pumps for a pop of colour. 

I'm wearing: Thrifted dress from Jamsa, Charlotte Russe red pumps from Makumbusho.
Mr.Price earrings, mint beaded necklace and bracelet from Viatuzi, Truworth flower cuff bracelet

I love how this picture turned out!



Friday, March 23, 2012

Another Day...

Hello everyone,

How was your week? Hope all is well. I am having internet trouble again, so posting daily as I wanted is proving difficult but hopefully it will be sorted soon. I have a backlog of outfits starting with this one which I wore on monday this week.

I have had this top for years!!! bought while I was in college and It has always been my favourite. I love the combination of hot pink and grey, I wore my pallazzo pants and my long cardigan again for cover at the office. I am kinda in and out of the office lately so I dont have to look so official and can get away with it.

I'm wearing: Black cardigan from Cina, Charlotte Russe tiered top (thrifted), The Limited black pallazo pants (Thrifted), Ben de LISI Necklace via Viatuzi saturday sale love it!, Dinsko Shoes gifted 

Floral print bangle gifted, assorted bangles from sabasaba, leather strap bracelet made by me from an old belt, Montine Mens watch Duty Free. Next to black, Grey is my favourite colour and I had been looking for a spacious grey bag with Gold hardware for a while when I happened on this no-brand messenger bag in China, It was love at first sight. 

I hope you like it guys, leave a comment.



Monday, March 19, 2012

Earning Stripes...

Hey Gowjas people,

Hope you had a fab weekend and got plenty of rest, I'm still catching up on my sleep, I recently started watching the Secret Circle series about some witchy high-schoolers (really corny)and I just can't stop, it's not helping that since am such a chicken I have a hard time falling asleep afterwards.

On to the outfit, this is what I wore to work on wednesday last week.

The tank top is actually a tank dress, but here am wearing it as a top, I added the matching tangarine belt with the gold hardware as my statement piece for the outfit and kept the rest very basic, I also wore the long cardigan for more cover at the office. This Cardigan is my absolute favourite, I dnt think a week passes by without me wearing it so you are goig to see a whole lot of it before it falls apart on me. I like playing around with my clothes and to wear them in different ways, it's more fun that way and you get to expand your closet without additional clothes which is good for me coz am a shoe-holic but am very lazy when it comes to shopping for clothes and also very stingy about it too. So have fun with your clothes ladies, play around with them try different stylings and look fab doing it.

no brand long cardigan and striped dress worn as a top and orange/tangarine belt both bought in china, Remember Me black pencil skirt thrifted at Manyanyas, Cathy Jean black patent pumps from Viatuzi, ZARA tote handbag.

wearing my favourite faux pearl drop earrings bought in china, faux pearl bracelets from Viatuz and Montine Mens Watch bought Emirates Duty Free

look weird huh!? was doing macho ya wizi here LOL...

All picture by Salama...Thanks Mrs. Banjoko!!



Friday, March 16, 2012

Casual Friday...

Hello Dolls,

This is what I wore to work last friday, friday is a casual day but for banks it's a Bank logo'ed T-shirts and Jeans day. I can't express enough how much I hate wearing them. I actually don't like jeans as much as I used to when in college but I have a couple of pairs for those lazy days when nothing else seem to work like this friday. I have gained so much weight that almost all my tops don't fit, and I kept trying on different tops after another, kept my boyfriend waiting for more than half an hour outside to which he swore never to pick me up again LOL. At last I ended up wearing this bubble lace top which is very kind to my problem spot ;) and has with that trendy peplum detail on the bottom, added the blazer for a more smart casual look and piled on statement accessories to take it from day to friday night. I also like to give my legs a break every once in a while hence the chic two toned ballet flats.

I'm wearing: Vintage lace top, Etam skinny jeans, Chloe Blazer, Jolly Good two toned ballet flats, necklace (all bought in China), juicy couture viva la juicy perfum pin as a brooch, Casio atch from GAME, bow ring from Viatuzi.

Have a great weekend!!



Monday, March 12, 2012

Feeling like Spring

Hello Dolls,

This is what I wore to work last week, when my mom saw me she went like hmm that looks a bit crazy those colours do not relate at all! and I tried to explain to her the concept of colour blocking with no success LOL! To her credit the colours are a bit much for work but like I said I was having a rough week and I needed cheering up.

This has to be my favourite blouse, the photo doesn't do the colour justice, it's like the insides of the ripest watermellon and the buttons are the seeds. Got this from a secondhand shop in Sinza last year. I was just going to simply wear it with black everything and then I thought hmm...that's boring bloggers are always dramatic. So I added the turquoise necklace and bracelet, felt that was boring too, I added the colourful multicoloured necklace to balance out the colours and I liked it!! 

I'm wearing: watermelon blouse (Thrifted), Black pleated skirt (Thrifted), Black tights (Viatuzi), torquoise necklace and bracelet (Viatuzi), multicoloured necklace(Gifted Thanks A'sha T!)


I wore tights with this to keep it all dark below, which I feel makes the colour pop some more. I love wearing tights, people say its too hot for tights in Dar and yes I would totally agree if you were wearing them to go shop or run errands in the sun at Karume or Kkoo, but when you work in a freezing A/C'd building such as mine they are just the right thing to keep you from freezing, and for me they add more cover when my skirts are short.

Walking towards the sunset, love this picture!! thanks Salama. Hope you like the outfit leave a comment.



Friday, March 9, 2012

Don't rain on my Parade...

Hi again,

I'm making a point to post all week aan I hope I stick to it. I have outfit photos taken this week that I haven't uploaded yet. Wore this to work on tuesday in an effort to cheer myself up from an otherwise rough week, what better way that to dress up!?

On to the outfit, I love pencil skirts with high waists and especially this one with the wide sash and small pleats on the front perfect for hiding problem areas ;) I think pencil skirts are most flattering for curvy girls. This one in particular has that trendy tea length/ mid length to it which is tricky to pull off if you are as short as I am so sky high heels are a must for this one.

Gold cuff bracelet -Viatuzi, Body material bracelet - Mr.Price, Zara Tote

                                                             Montine Black leather men's watch - Emirates Duty Free.

Body Material Necklaces gifted, Thanks for these Asha!!

so this is actually called the pussy bow LOL, am not kidding, usually tied on the front tho in a loose dangling manner, but I like it better in a tight bow on the side much more girly that way. The earrings are old bought in some little side road shop in Sinza best 5,000/= ever spend coz they haven't lost their shiny like some over priced ones I got in reputable shop I will not mention.

I added the shear chain embellished cardigan when I got to the office for cover, I actualy like it better with the cardigan. I just love this cardigan the chain detailing is so channel, lady like with edge.

Thrifted blouse (Big-brother), Thrifted black Pencil skirt (Manyanya)

Suede peep toes heels bought in China - Love them very high and comfy.

Hope you like it like I do!!



Office chic...

Hi y'all,

So this is what I wore to work on monday this week, I always like to start the week a little formal. I dont like suits really I feel they are waaay to formal, stiff and so uptight which is why I always cuff my sleeves when I have to wear wine. Remember I told you that we are now required to wear uniforms? Well mine dont fit me anymore, I wear two different on top to bottom and usually prefer buying suits when I have to from shops that separates the bottoms and the tops though more expensive it's a better option for girls like me who are much smaller on the top and extra large on the bottom.

So let me tell you a little story about this "suit", this was actually a long day coat that I found while thrifting in Karume, btw when I say thrifting I mean "kusagura" as in second hand but my blogger friends  prefer thrifting and I like it better too. so there I was thrifting and I see this long coat thing and it was love at first sight because I just love coats really and I started wishing I was back in Arusha again where I can get to wear coats and layers.I took it for a rainy day and forgot about it. then last year while sorting my clothes I saw it and I almost gave it away but then I started thinking theres a lot of fabric here and its kinda like soft woolish but not heavy, so what if I cut it up? The top will make a cute jacket especially with those tie belts, but after I did I saw theat the remaining half was also big enough and long enough for a skirt but if it were to be parterned into a skirt it wouldnt have been enough so I came up with the wrap skirt idea for the bottom half and all it took was two buttons and a tailor to do the hems and voila!!! a suit!! I love it when a project comes together. what do you think?

And before I forget, I just have to shout that I looooooove my new ZARA Tote OMG!!! cant believe it's finally here and I own it. I will be carrying it everyday and everywhere so don't get tired of seeing it LOL. I first saw this bag on another blogger and I was like wow, then another friend posted a picture of the Tan limited edition version of it and I knew I had to have it, It's so beautiful in person so big my whole life can fit in it, it's pure leather and I absolutely don't regret getting it in black instead of Tan it's just perfect for work and goes with everything!

I'm wearing: KIRARA thrifted coat turned suit, H&M stipped tank top, Black suede peeptoe heels bought in China.

I'm really loving the huge statement necklaces trend they just add instant glam to an other wise boring outfit, this one is from Viatuzi I threw out the tag dont remember the brand.

The Shades are ALDO bought at a tiny little hidden boutique in Seacliff village, I don't remember the name, its behing the ATM, they have cute but pricey stuff.

 I love heels but I never spend the whole day in them, I usually change into flats at work, I used to have this really old sandals under my desk but after I became a mom I find my self wearing flats and sandals more and more so I have been adding some cute ones on my collection like these New Look animal print ones that I got from Viatuzi, I have been wearing them with everything now to break them in I swear flats hurt me more than heels do :(, but they add some drama to the look and crashes with my striped tank for that print on print effect. 

Was trying to twill in my wrap skirt
Zara S/S 2012 Tote, New Look animal print pony hair Loafers

Hope you liked it, tell me what you think of it in the comment section.