Wednesday, February 8, 2012

burst of colours...

This outfit colours kinda match the blog outline dont you think? I wore this late last year on a friday to work...I know way over the top for casual friday, I wasn't even going out after work but I had just got that blazer from Manyanya a week ago and I had to wear it, I just love all the colours together so vibrant, cheerful and happy.

Blazer (thrifted), lime/yellow vest (H&M), Purple vest (thrifted), Jeans - Next, Necklace, Bracelet, Ring - VIATUZI, Watch - NaughtyNaughtyPets, Shoes - FootPoint (Street Vendor also found in Kkoo), Hermes Wallet (from China). 
I love the view from up here, you would never think its kinondoni.
Lame pose :P

I look tall and slim here eti? LOL

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