Thursday, February 9, 2012

going green...

Hey lovlies...

Here's another old favourite of mine, I wore this outfit to church a while back last year, I love dressing up for church (decently mind you, my church is very strict on dress code), it feels right and proper . I used to go very casual to church in my younger years but after having my baby I feel the need to look mommy apropriate at least for church.

Outfit: Black satin top (Thrifted), Silk floral green skirt (gifted), faux crocodile skin belt (thrifted), black vintage leather clutch (thrifted), Shoes - Queen of the Catwalk (Viatuzi)
back to the outfit, it all started from the shoes, I love these shoes, the unusual pop of green/turquoise, and the satin fabric. at 4.5'' and no platform they are not the comfiest shoes. I have had this skirt for years, it was actually a dress, a present from my mom, it didnt fit me right and I didnt like the style back then but I kept it because a) it was from mama b) it's 100% silk. On this particular day I really wanted to wear the shoes and being so matchy matchy I saw the dress, had a light bulb moment took my scissors  cut the top part off, sewed the rest together nicely and voila a skirt!!!!  

I hope you like it guys


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

burst of colours...

This outfit colours kinda match the blog outline dont you think? I wore this late last year on a friday to work...I know way over the top for casual friday, I wasn't even going out after work but I had just got that blazer from Manyanya a week ago and I had to wear it, I just love all the colours together so vibrant, cheerful and happy.

Blazer (thrifted), lime/yellow vest (H&M), Purple vest (thrifted), Jeans - Next, Necklace, Bracelet, Ring - VIATUZI, Watch - NaughtyNaughtyPets, Shoes - FootPoint (Street Vendor also found in Kkoo), Hermes Wallet (from China). 
I love the view from up here, you would never think its kinondoni.
Lame pose :P

I look tall and slim here eti? LOL

and so I begin...

So this is my first post as a do you like the layout? made it all by my self and am sooo technologically challenged so bear with me, I will get better with time hopefully. I am especially pleased with the header.

I thought I'd say a little bit about me,

I am just a regular working girl and a mom with a passion for fashion. I love dressing up and after following a bunch of blogs for ages I thought hey why not start my own? I have had the idea since last year and friends and family have been on my case since to start my own, so if they think I can do it who am I to argue?

This is my space to share my style, my favourite things, where I shop, my style Icons, and coming soon my store and shop my closet!! will be updating my bloglist of all my favorite bloggers, people that inspire me, I check them everyday and they never dissapoint.

My style is versatile, I dont have a particular style that defines me, I just like what I like, I love thrifting and about 70% of my wardrobe is thrifted, I just love finding treasures among all that mess, it gives me such a rush. I am addicted to shoes, I love love love shoes, I cant get enough of them, I dream about them sometimes (am not kidding) LOL!!

Enough said more will come as we go, as a word of caution, this is a friendly blog, its not about showing off but sharing things that I love with like minded individuals, so please please show me some love, thats all am asking!!