Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Hello everyone! Happy new year!!! 

Yes yes I know it's practically half year, but this is my first blog post this year so humor me...How have you all been!!? 

...I am finally back to blogging and I couldn't be happier, it has been far too long since my last post, I don't even want to know exactly how long, there has just been so much changes happening in my life that blogging just had to be put aside for a while because I no longer had the time or energy for it anymore. 
Since I was not working and hardly ever going out of the house I had absolutely nothing to blog about and I was also very self conscious about my body, I felt huge, old and clumsy, nothing fit me right. Last November I got a job again and started working and since nothing at all fit including all my shoes which I sold and some gave away, I had to start buying clothes and shoes from scratch, in the beginning I just bought a few basic skirts and a couple of blouses to get me by and I kept telling myself that I will buy clothes when I loose the weight or at least some of it, especially on my tummy and then I will get back to blogging. 
I have had really hard time figuring out what to wear and I started following a lot of plus size bloggers to get ideas and inspiration and I realized there must be lots of my blog readers going through the same challenges am going through.  So even though am I'm still on the weight-loss journey am not going to get obsessed about it, I will enjoy the journey and love my body as it is now with all my lovely lady lumps and humps. I enjoy dressing up and I won't let my weight stop me, I just need to find what works best with what I have now.

I'm wearing: Blazer ~ Thrifted, Blouse ~ Thrifted, Skirt ~ Thrifted, Shoes ~ Asos

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Black Out...

This week is going to be for all the forgotten pictures that never made it to the these ones that we took after the wedding...we were supposed to have a pre-wedding/ engagement photoshoot but thanks to a million last minute things we never did so we had it after we got back from our honeymoon at the Pixel Photography Studio...these are the ones I took alone was in my zone in front of the camera werkin it like a true blogger, it's an occupational hazard LOL...I love how the pictures came out...

I'm wearing: Asos dress ~ Bongoshopaholics, heels ~ Bershka, earrings ~ Newlook

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hello there...

Hello dolls,

I did my disappearing act on you again...motherhood is a full time job and that's my excuse for everything these days hehehe, the only thing I care about wearing is my nursing bras, loose vests or dresses I can easily pop a boob in quickly for the baby and khanga and that don't make for interesting outfit posts.

I love how vibrant this kitenge maxi skirt is! This was my Kitchen party Sare, though I wore a different kitenge from the guests, I'm  glad I saved my self a piece of the Sare...I actually wore this on Easter but forgot about these pictures...
boobage tho' LOL

Wearing: Kitenge Maxi Skirt ~ Bonafide, Bandeau top ~ Gifted, Denim Jacket ~ random, Shoes ~ Bershka, earrings ~ MayaVintageBoutique