Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday...


Incase you didn't know, its thanksgiving weekend in the USA and thanks giving comes with the infamous black friday sales, now being a good bargain hunter that I am, I have been bidding my time and not shopping as much in the past month waiting for the sales, so today I was expecting to score some amazing deals on shoes and bags online and thanks to a  dear friend in the states who graciously lets me use her address, shipping my stuff is sorted. Unfortunately I haven't seen anything that I want badly, and the discounts aren't that great either especially at ZARA, but am not a quitter LOL, I will keep looking it's still early and I want to be broke!

Oh and I'm thinking of a giveaway before the year ends, what would you like to get from my closet? or not from my closet but fashion related? am feeling generous! could be the  hormones so people do take advantage of the pregnant lady and comment below LOL...Margarither you been asking for this so there you go love!

Now Black is also my favourite colour and I love wearing it head to toe, found this amazing skirt on sale at Splash massage a while ago, its very beautifully made, tulle and studded, a statement piece, and I love that it's not too much of a tuttu skirt.

Have a nice weekend everyone and stay stylish!


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Bloody pink...

Hello loves,

sorry I have been missing again this week, I got really sick this past weekend, and all I could do was sleep, I'm still not completely but today wasn't too bad am thankful. I know you want to see the pregnancy diary and I promise I will get to them after am done with these or maybe I should mix them up? any ideas?

I'm wearing: Bag ~ ZARA; Skirt, bouse, blazers and shoes ~ Thrifted



Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ankara Fridays...

In honour of casual Friday's a.k.a ankara fridays... 

I'm wearing: Skirt ~ Made by me, Top ~ old, Denim jacket ~ old, Bag ~ Zara, Sandals ~ Atmosphere

Have a nice weekend y'all!